Thursday, February 17, 2011

I hate toilet seat covers.

 Yes. That is it. I said it.

I am a mommy, and I think sometimes we are expected to be overly cautious about the germs in the real world. I prefer clean things to dirty things, but that is about the extent of my thoughts  on dirt and germs. I let my daughter   play in the mud, and even occasionally pick up dry food that she has dropped on the ground, and I never ever keep hand sanitizer in my purse.

The result so far have been good, my daughter is two, and aside from some very minor colds she has never really been sick. I wish her temperament was as good as her health. I think between being related to her super-human daddy and my disregard for this thing called antibacterial,  she has an especially acute immune system.  This has relatively little to do with toilet seat covers, except that I would expect the folks who use them to have the opposite approach to children and germs.

Yesterday my husband and I went to whole foods for dinner. Wednesday is our "date night" because grandpa Howard has the munch-kin for the evening. We often go to whole foods to get their salad bar for dinner because I like the food, and Adam likes that we always stop at the Borders next door.

I am pregnant, which means I have to pee OFTEN, so it is pretty predictable that I had to use the bathroom at Whole Foods last night. I like the bathrooms at this store, they are well kept, and they smell good, but unfortunately some customer who thought it was necessary to USE a toilet seat cover, didn't have the courtesy to remove it from the toilet seat and dispose of it. This is something I see often... Toilet seat covers on public toilets. I guess I don't really care if anyone uses them, but I find it extremely rude to use a cover and then leave it on the pot so that someone else has to remove your garbage. I also think it is hypocritical. The person so concerned about germs that she uses a thin paper seat cover has such disregard for  others that she exposes them to the same filth that she was trying to protect herself from.


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