Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm getting a late start today, the flue that hit my younger daughter and husband finally caught up to me and is slowing me down. I would probably still be in bed if penny hadn't decided to start jumping on my head at 8:00. No matter. I have things to do.

This morning my brain is swimming with thoughts of oddities and freak-shows, and I am wondering how I can use this inspiration in upcoming designs.

I watched Tod Brownings FREAKS several years ago, and it may be time to watch it again to help decode the fleeting thoughts and turn them into something useful. Browning took special care to choose actors with real deformities instead of relying on make-up. 

I have been fantasizing about taking a trip to New York. I have always wanted to visit, but with my interest in circus sideshow acts rejuvenated, a trip to Coney Island would be so fitting. I do not know much about the history, but am truly fascinated by it. 

I guess it is just one more thing to put on my to- do list. ♥

In other news, etsy featured me in their finds email:

Thanks, etsy! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Conversation With Penny (age 2)

Me: Good Morning (excited, and as if I am talking to a two year old) 
Penny: Good morning (poorly enunciated and hard to understand like everything most two year olds say)
Me: How are you feeling today
Penny: Feel good
Me: How Does your tummy Feel? (she had been up sick)
Penny: (pointing to tummy) Right here. 
Me: But how does it feel?
Penny: Feels ok.
Me: How does your foot feel
Penny: (wiggling toes) Feels cute
Me: How does your face feel?
Penny: (while stroking her face) feels preeeetyyyyy
Me: How does your hair feel?
Penny: (as she combed her hair with her fingers) Feels long! 
Me: How do your eyes feel?
Penny: (squinting) feel blue
Me: And how does your sister feel?
Penny: (long Pause) 
Me: What do you think, how does Autumn feel?
Penny: Red. 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NEW in Caustic Threads

A friend that helps me out with my shop tasks likes bears. I'd been wanting to do a bear design for a while, but I was inspired and motivated to do it when she mentioned it in conversation. I love how it turned out. This photo is just a preview, the item will be available later this week. 

I also finally started offering polo shirts in Caustic Threads. I have been making these for my husband since he can't wear t-shirts at work, and he gets frequent compliments on the screen-printed  polo tees he wears to work. This can be ordered now at

So, What is next? Well, spring is right around the corner. I may cuddle with my little ones and that frog and toad story to see if I can conjure some inspiration. 

♥ Erica

Thursday, January 16, 2014

After Much Anticipation...

They're HERE! 

My dolls arrived Monday morning, and I am super excited. They are really very high quality. I was unsure what to expect since they were "factory" dolls and I had never seen one in person before. I am especially impressed with their hair. It is silky soft and thick. 

I ordered really cute clothes, and hope to make more. I also ordered some face-plates so I can customize them. 

Adam made me a box with a Plexi-glass front to hopefully protect them from the kids. I want to make some 1:6 scale furniture to make a diorama. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Some of this, and some of that.

I find myself dreaming of spring while I work close to my space heater. This treasury is inspired by spring days and daydreams.

We filed our first ever paypal claim recently. As an online seller, I never expected to have to file a claim with paypal. Unfortunately, we ordered something from a large website that was not what we expected. We thought we were purchasing a magazine subscription and a few back issues of Vogues Collections. It turns out that we were purchasing a digital copy. After going back and re-reading the information I decided to file a claim because the item did not state anywhere that it was a digital copy. Today Paypal sided in our favor, and after feeling so taken advantage of, it really feels like a victory.

I recently did some new artwork that I will be printing on shirts soon:

The customer that requested the design chose the first image, but I like them both, so I will be turning both into screens. 

And of course, I have been tracking the progress of my Blythe Dolls very closely. It looks like they will arrive Saturday, but maybe Monday.  I will post pictures when she arrives. 

Take care!
♥ Erica

Friday, January 3, 2014

Coming Soon, to Caustic Threads

Late in 2013 I purchased a sublimation printer and a multi-press to create lots of awesome things.

I will now be able to sublimate shirts which will allow me to do  more with full color art. In addition to shirts I can sublimate my images on to a variety of sizes of mugs, hats, and plates. I am hoping to go to a thrift store soon to pick up some mismatched china to do some limited edition, special porcelain plates. I will share a photo when I get that far. 

I also have a second regular press, which makes heat pressing and shipping orders MUCH more efficient. 

I did break down and buy my Blythe doll. I was not ready to spend the money for one directly from Takara, so I bought two "factory dolls". From what I can surmise , they seem to be made up of leftover parts and slightly imperfect.  They had more options available and the dolls were more unique, so I really liked that about the two I ended up with. 

I also finally got Adam's etsy shop up and running before the end of last year and I have been really impressed with how well things are selling over there. He does beautiful work but I was not really expecting his items to get noticed right away. He loves it because he gets to make and sell the items and I do all of the shipping and listing for him. 

See you next week !