Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I thought I should introduce myself.

Hi! I am erica. I am happily married and I have a 2 year old and am also about 14 weeks pregnant. I have a degree in fashion design and paint (watercolor and acrylic), draw, block print, sew, needle felt, make pin-back buttons, and a disgustingly large variety of other crafts. I just figured out that I can etch my screens on glass. Awesome. Some of my paintings and also my husbands knives can bee seen in our other shop www.acrylicandsteel.etsy.com.

 I am a rollergirl. I am obviously on hiatus now because I am pregnant but I have played roller derby from 2005- until recently, minus a 10 month break to have my daughter. I thought I may be officially retired now, but I have only been off for a few months and I already miss it like crazy. I love being active, I like to bike, hike, skate, run, and I dont really like to climb because I am short and heavy, so its hard for me, but I do climb sometimes too.

We don't own a tv. It is the best thing ever. There have been several occasions when I didnt have a TV and every other occasion my significant others brought one into our house (or in one of the two instances I wasnt even living with the other person and he felt it was necessary for me to have one. He wouldn't even take it back when we broke up.) I also went car-less for about 3 years, my primary transportation was my bike for the last year and a half, and before that it was walking and public transit because the bus system in Portland is pretty good. 

I am a stay at home mommy, and etsy is my full time job as of october 1st 2010. I was sitting at my VERY slow job thinking about all of the orders I had to fill and how my job felt like a waste of time. It is going very well, I am making enough that it is worthwhile and I am still having fun doing it. I still have a lot of room to grow, I am not anywhere near the success of the BIG shirt shops like darkcycle, who I admire a lot. I have one of thier shirts and I am really sad I cant wear it now while I am pregnant. I have a lot that I want to do with this shop still too, I have tons of new products that I want to add. I have a lot of ideas for sewn items that I haven't managed to materialize yet and there are even more printable items that I want to sell.

Soooo... I guess that is me.

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