Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have orders to go do, and a local post office to drop by, but I feel like waffling a little longer so I thought I would drop in for a moment. I would like to be able to say I will be around more often but I try not to make promises I cant keep.

I had my 28th birthday on Monday, and other than the expected disappointment of my husbands inability to really celebrate holidays I had a pretty good day. We went out to dinner at Gardunios- yum- and I enjoyed cheating on my low glycemic diet both with dinner and some yummy birthday cake.  I am on a low glycemic diet for pregnancy, but I will probably continue to follow it after the baby is born because it is a really healthy lifestyle and I feel really great. It is a really new idea that all calories are not created equal, and I am finding it to be so true. I have been doing a ton of research on nutrition, health, etc. since I had autumn and have found this to be one of the most beneficial things I have learned.

I recently received  a really awesome and unique pendant from Erin at I think the pictures in her shop are great, but it is one of those items that is really much more special and wonderful in person.

Isn't it lovely? all of her pieces are one of a kind and come packaged really beautifully.

This is one that is in her shop now that I really love. This coral color is so great for spring and summer.

So, what else?

Due to an unexpected emergency I will be helping my Dad out at his shop for the next few Thursdays until he hires someone. I was willing to work during the rest of the week too, but am a little relived to only be working on Thursdays, I am afraid I would fall pretty far behind in Caustic Threads work if I were at his shop more.

The pregnancy is going well, I am about 24 weeks along, and it seems to be going much faster than when I had my daughter, and I feel better in general. Adam thinks I have more energy. We didnt get to find out if it was a boy or a girl at the last ultrasound because the baby's foot was in its crotch... which means we will probably have to get another ultrasound before it is born because I am really not patient enough to wait to buy baby clothes... Autumn did the same thing, and I learned that buying gender neutural colors just ment that people guessed the wrong sex of the baby about 90% of the time. (or at least it felt like it) 

The dirt on my belly from my daughter climbing up me is awesome, right?

One last thing. Something changed in blogger, and I am totally bummed... I used to be able to copy and paste treasuries into the text and it would realign perfectly and all the great items would be clickable. This is no longer true.

Sad face.

Ok, Take care,


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  1. So glad you love your necklace!! It looks adorable on you, especially with you baby blue shirt!:)


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