Monday, December 30, 2013

Falling For Blythe.

I have seen Blythe dolls around for quite some time and been vaguely amused but unsure where one can buy one. Recently my interest has been rejuvenated.

 I have always loved dolls, and honestly, never really outgrew them. I am lucky enough to have two super cute daughters to share my obsession with... but Blythe dolls are expensive and if I choose to collect them I will need to also keep my 2 and 5 year old children away.

Blythe dolls were originally by Kenner and Released in the United States. They were not very popular and were only produced during 1972. In 2001 She was revived. Blythe is licensed by Takara now.  

More information on Blythe can be found here:

I have found that I can purchase one on ebay, a custom one on etsy,  or directly from Takara. Now for the hard part... choosing one...

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