Friday, January 3, 2014

Coming Soon, to Caustic Threads

Late in 2013 I purchased a sublimation printer and a multi-press to create lots of awesome things.

I will now be able to sublimate shirts which will allow me to do  more with full color art. In addition to shirts I can sublimate my images on to a variety of sizes of mugs, hats, and plates. I am hoping to go to a thrift store soon to pick up some mismatched china to do some limited edition, special porcelain plates. I will share a photo when I get that far. 

I also have a second regular press, which makes heat pressing and shipping orders MUCH more efficient. 

I did break down and buy my Blythe doll. I was not ready to spend the money for one directly from Takara, so I bought two "factory dolls". From what I can surmise , they seem to be made up of leftover parts and slightly imperfect.  They had more options available and the dolls were more unique, so I really liked that about the two I ended up with. 

I also finally got Adam's etsy shop up and running before the end of last year and I have been really impressed with how well things are selling over there. He does beautiful work but I was not really expecting his items to get noticed right away. He loves it because he gets to make and sell the items and I do all of the shipping and listing for him. 

See you next week ! 


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