Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For Liquid Liner Lovers

I am a huge fan of black liquid eyeliner, and I am sort of picky about what I like. I recently discovered my all-time-favorite when I went to Sephora to gleefully spend a gift certificate.

Kat Von D, from Miami and LA ink has a make-up line, and if you have ever seen her, it is not surprising that She has a make-up line, OR that her company has a killer liquid liner. 

I love everything about it. It has a great brush, it goes on smooth, evenly and DARK. It was $18, so not especially inexpensive, but -to me- it is worth every penny.  It also is easy to control the line while you are applying it.

This is a photo of it on me at the END Of the day (not minutes after putting it on).  

Also, to send out some etsy love, the shadow I am wearing is from this shop:

Anyway, just a light post for anyone else in search of the perfect liquid liner. 

Take Care, 

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