Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

I had a derby-licious weekend!

Although I'd planned to retire- or maybe help my league start a rec. team, because the concept of life without derby is becoming hard to grasp- I found that my short break reinvigorated my love of derby and I am traveling again with our travel team, the Munecas Muertas. Since I'd had a short break I was not expecting to play for a few games, but this weekend we went to a mini-tourney. The team was short on players and it was a driving game so I was asked to join, and gladly accepted. 

I was only expecting to play a little, basically as needed, but a few sand and unfortunate injuries changed that pretty quickly. I was excited to get to play a lot, but was happy to be there just to support the team and hope my team-mates recover quickly. We lost both of our games (sad face), but I felt pretty good about my personal performance (especially after taking some time off) . I also got to see some interesting moves and they gave me some great ideas for drills next time I lead a practice! 

I drove a friend of a friend back to her hotel after the bout, and enjoyed the two hour car ride. She was an awesome lady who ref's for a league in her home-town. Unfortunately I was on a keto high and spent a long time talking about that. She was probably bored to death and there is a good chance that she think's I am a little crazy. Meh, arn't we all. 

Speaking of keto- which I do with great enthusiasm these days- I think I had a major breakthrough this weekend. I am sort of intermittent fasting, not really intentionally, but my body seems to be happy to run on my own fat stores quite a bit of  the time. I ate a happy breakfast yesterday of bacon, eggs and green juice around 8 am and was uninterested in eating again until after the second bout yesterday, around 8 or 9 pm. The unintentional fasting has been going on for a while, so that is no news, but I had been having some issues with my skating and athletic performance in general. When I would work out I just felt TIRED. I would be ok for a few minutes, and then feel like I was drudging through muddy water. I think (based on nothing, but still seems logical) that my body was just confused about my fuel source. This weekend, by the second game, it felt I like my body finally figured it out and I was running on ketones. I had so much energy I was having trouble staying still, even at the end of my second hard fought bout. 

SO... Now I just need to clean up my game. I got 6 penalties in the second bout. Time to curl up with the newest release of the WFTDA rules . Unfortunately, knowing them has never not kept me from breaking them, as hard as I try. 

Take care! 

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