Friday, January 10, 2014

Some of this, and some of that.

I find myself dreaming of spring while I work close to my space heater. This treasury is inspired by spring days and daydreams.

We filed our first ever paypal claim recently. As an online seller, I never expected to have to file a claim with paypal. Unfortunately, we ordered something from a large website that was not what we expected. We thought we were purchasing a magazine subscription and a few back issues of Vogues Collections. It turns out that we were purchasing a digital copy. After going back and re-reading the information I decided to file a claim because the item did not state anywhere that it was a digital copy. Today Paypal sided in our favor, and after feeling so taken advantage of, it really feels like a victory.

I recently did some new artwork that I will be printing on shirts soon:

The customer that requested the design chose the first image, but I like them both, so I will be turning both into screens. 

And of course, I have been tracking the progress of my Blythe Dolls very closely. It looks like they will arrive Saturday, but maybe Monday.  I will post pictures when she arrives. 

Take care!
♥ Erica

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