Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Conversation With Penny (age 2)

Me: Good Morning (excited, and as if I am talking to a two year old) 
Penny: Good morning (poorly enunciated and hard to understand like everything most two year olds say)
Me: How are you feeling today
Penny: Feel good
Me: How Does your tummy Feel? (she had been up sick)
Penny: (pointing to tummy) Right here. 
Me: But how does it feel?
Penny: Feels ok.
Me: How does your foot feel
Penny: (wiggling toes) Feels cute
Me: How does your face feel?
Penny: (while stroking her face) feels preeeetyyyyy
Me: How does your hair feel?
Penny: (as she combed her hair with her fingers) Feels long! 
Me: How do your eyes feel?
Penny: (squinting) feel blue
Me: And how does your sister feel?
Penny: (long Pause) 
Me: What do you think, how does Autumn feel?
Penny: Red. 


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  1. I love what little kids say! I work with a bunch of preschoolers, and the things that come out of there mouths is just hysterical!


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