Thursday, February 6, 2014

Harvest Box

    We Have been juicing for over a year. We are on our third juicer, a masticating Omega brand juicer (LOVE IT).  Adam and I drink green juice for breakfast. Recently I started having two additional glasses of green juice.

    I have a lot of thoughts on juicing, and if my thoughts were less random and more organized surely I would start with the basic reasons I juice and how to juice. Today, however, my thoughts are on the economics of juicing. Adding two additional juices to my diet is an undeniable health BUENO but it has been a bit of a kick in the pants in other areas... specifically our grocery bill.

   We have a family of four, and we have been spending about $400 a week on groceries lately. It hadn't really been a big deal, but my husband's car is failing and we may be financing a new one soon. In order to afford that we need to trim some fat from our budget  (Almost literally) . We spend so much on groceries, so that seems like a pretty good place to start.

    There are areas I am not willing to compromise on. I feel food should be fresh, organic (certified or just in practice), and as local as possible. Chicken  should be free range, eggs should have omega-3's and beef should be grass fed. These things cost money, but they can surely be done for less... ?

    One way that we will be saving money is by ordering a harvest box from a local farm:

I am not sure what we will be getting, but I am excited to be trying it out! We will be getting a large produce box and a juicing box. Our first delivery will be Tuesday 2/11/14. I will try to get some photos when they get in!

I need to do some research so I can try to save more on our food, but this is an exciting start!

Veggies, WOOT!

♥ Erica

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