Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some RANDOM Thoughts.

Roller Derby is NOT a cheap hobby  sport   Addiction.

I just looked up the last pair of skates I ordered to share some info with a fellow skater. If someone had told me I would eventually spend over $700 on skates (and that is just one expense) when I started I do not think I would believe them. I am sure lots of derby girls spend even more. What may seem even crazier is that I think they worth every penny.

I got to give my self a parenting "High Five" recently. 

While eating dinner a few nights ago my daughter Autumn said "I LOVE salad!" while shoveling greens into her face with her hands. I will work on getting her to use a fork, later. 

We also received our first harvest box from Los Poblanos on Tuesday. We got a large harvest box and a juicing box. It was not quite enough. Next time I think we may do two large harvest boxes, and possibly a juicing box as well. Since we juice a fair amount daily, we go through a ton of produce. 


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