Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keto Adaption

After reading about the many benefits of Ketosis, I am one week in and attempting to keto adapt. I read the book "Why We Get Fat" and am have spent the last week and a half listening to every online seminar I can find about Ketosis. I have been on a diet of less than 20 carbs a day and am in Ketosis. Overall I feel pretty good, but I think I am not 100% through the keto adaption.

A Ketogenic Diet, is a lifestlye change to a very low carbohydrate high fat diet. Eating this way greatly reduces the chances of cancer, and some Drs are having success treating different types of cancer. Most cancer cells need glucose to survive. It is also used to prevent Alzheimer and treat obesity, and prevent seizures associated with epilepsy. Although we have been taught that diets high in saturated fat cause heart disease, there are several studies that show it actually reduces the risk of heard disease and lowers cholesterol. Many athletes enjoy the benefits of tapping into their nearly limitless fat stores for energy instead of relying on stored glycogen. People feel more alert and sharp.

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